Data talks.
Mobility works.

Tomorrow's traffic is smooth and safe. No more accidents and traffic jams. Sensor data and smart algorithms shorten travel times and predict risk scenarios. That is the vision we are bringing into life already today.

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Emergency vehicle driving through a corridor formed by vehicles

Emergency services will get to you on time

We minimize the time it takes for the rescue vehicles to reach you. We can turn on the green light at all intersections to an emergency service vehicles and shorten travel times in your region, city or municipality the same way we do in Brno.

People getting off a tram, passenger car waiting in front of a tram stop

Reliable public transport that does not wait in congestions

We give the green light to public transport vehicles at the traffic light so that passengers always arrive on time. We prevent frequent but unnecessary accidents by alerting incoming drivers to the risk of a collision with a pedestrian entering the road.

Roadside unit at variable message sign on a highway communicating with passing vehicles

Roads uncluttered and safe

The new generation of cooperative systems provides you with all the information you need on the road directly in the vehicle, mobile phone or even glasses - where there are traffic jams, accidents, roadworks, but also the risk of slippery ice or emergency braking.

Vehicle turning onto a detour to avoid traffic jam

Always ahead thanks to smart data

We make sense of data. Our unique algorithms turn gigabytes of traffic data into comprehensive traffic information on roads and highways every minute, so you can arrive without delay and without accidents.

A train passing a level crossing while communicating with vehicles in the area

Railways without delays and accidents

Railways require the highest level of security, as the consequences of accidents are often tragic. We focus on critical places such as level crossings and single-track lines. We are on our way to a fully autonomous train operation.

Vehicle waiting at a protected area entrance

Controlled entry

For governmental services, commercial and public institutes, we provide tools for automated as well as manual control of entry to areas with restricted access, and also help security services to protect soft targets. Our integrated solution based on the INTIQ platform aligns traffic and security functionalities and combines access control with smart mobility.

An overview of INTENS Corporation's solutions implemented using a combination of cooperative systems, server applications and smart data processing