Motivační citát na dlažbě chodníku

UX / UI designer

Are you an UX / UI or digital product designer and are you tired of designing an ecommerce shops and websites? Isn't it time for a change? Do you have professional or personal experience designing web and mobile applications? What about responsivity? Are you able design applications to be used comfortably on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop device? Join us to start creating quality-over-quantity solutions for safer, smoother, more comfortable and greener mobility of the future.

Do you enjoy

  • Solving end-users challenges?
  • Creating timeless web and mobile apps for transportation and public safety industry?
  • Presenting your visions to analysts, developers, testers?
  • Being a part of the solutions that moves human society towards the future?

Can you

  • Embrace users and personas?
  • Inspire, create and use design patterns?
  • Think out-of-the-box and come up with pragmatic and practical solutions to cover project requirements?
  • Create low-fidelity and high-fidelity designs?
  • Think two steps ahead?
  • Defend your visions and proposed solutions?

Do you have an experience with

  • Designing UX and UI of web and mobile application?
  • Using some of the commonly used prototyping tools?
  • Creating vector graphics?
Frontend developer

Join us to create software and hardware for the transportation of the future.

It's not just about the joy working from nine to five, of course there's a regular and appropriate salary, hardware according to your requirements, 5 weeks of paid holiday, sick days, anti-corporate environment, food vouchers, home office, multisport card, financial bonuses, Prague transportation allowances, professional education support, unlimited supply of coffee, tea and snacks, twice a year we’re teaming up in the mountains or in the nature to challenge each other playing sports games and enjoy some time together. And when the work's done we do sports, meet at cultural events, go for a beer or playing board games. Become a part of a family-like team.

Let's meet and talk, no obligations, you'll see yourself. You'll meet nice people in a small team, where you can find your place and fill your role at your own pace.

Logo INTENS Corporation


Founding, and very active, member of the European C-ITS platform named C-ROADS, which provides support for standardization and development of the cooperative systems. In addition we're connecting traffic sensor's motion data, external sources and infrastracture to provide additional information to fleets and individual drivers.

We're learning cars to communicate with each other, and so can you.

Are you interested?

Get in touch. We'd like to get to know each other and we'd be glad if we can contribute to a smarter mobility of the future together.

Send us your resume now